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About Us

At Madouss, we firmly believe that fashion and lifestyle are forms of personal expression and self-confidence. We encourage our customers to embrace their individuality and have fun with fashion. Whether you're classic, bold, casual or eccentric, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to style – it's all about feeling good in what you wear and reflecting your unique personality.

We hope Madouss inspires you and helps you discover your own style. Join us on our fashion and lifestyle adventure and let us guide you towards an expression of yourself that is authentic and full of confidence.


Our handmade products

Each creation is unique and cannot be reproduced identically.

They are handmade, we offer the possibility of personalizing certain creations according to customer preferences or needs.

They reflect the Afro chic aesthetic, mixing vibrant patterns and colors inspired by African culture. The originality and richness of this unique aesthetic. Each piece of our creations is made with care and love. Each piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, which adds sentimental value to our products.

Discover our exclusive models of round, square scarves, large modern and elegant scarves, they are not only multi-purpose, functional, they adapt to all seasons, and to all lifestyles, they are true luxury products. style.

In addition, our sales team is there to answer all your questions and offers you quality assistance. When you buy one of our scarves, not only do you benefit from responsive after-sales service, but also from our scarf and style workshops.

Eco-responsible, we use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in our creations when possible and support responsible production for our brand.

From intricate weaving to meticulous knitting, each step is carried out with meticulous attention to detail. We believe in the preservation of artistic crafts and the enhancement of cultural heritage. By using these techniques passed down from generation to generation, we help to preserve traditions and perpetuate an artistic heritage.

When you purchase one of our pieces, you not only own a beautiful piece, but you also become the keeper of a tradition and craftsmanship.

We hope our unique creations bring you as much joy and satisfaction as we had creating them.


Our history

Madouss' story began at the age of 10 in Ivory Coast when Madoussou used newspaper to make clothes for her doll. In 2021, this dream came true in Tannay, Switzerland…

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Why choose Madouss

The textures of natural fabrics, durable threads, artisan beads, the vibrant colors of our creations evoke exotic landscapes or patterns that tell rich cultural stories. The soft feel of the fabric, pleasant to the touch, a refined appearance, the careful finishes that make our products special.

Our pieces can be tailored to different styles or occasions, making them a versatile choice for our customers. Our designs evoke positive emotions like joy, self-confidence, authenticity and cultural connection. Wearing our creations will make you feel special and support a company that values important values.

We attach great importance to artisanal know-how and techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each piece we create is the result of meticulous work and expertise inherited from the past.


We believe in the preservation of artistic crafts and the enhancement of cultural heritage. By using these techniques passed down from generation to generation, we help to preserve centuries-old traditions and perpetuate a unique artistic heritage.


To inspire and encourage people to feel good about themselves by adopting a lifestyle and fashion that suits them.

Our values

Authenticity, inclusiveness, creativity and empowerment

Our community

We value engagement and interaction with our audience

Join your community and share your experiences and ideas

Our services

We offer style consultations, personalized recommendations in collaboration with image experts

Our commitment to sustainability

We encourage responsible consumption to reduce environmental impacts. We collaborate with local companies and limit transport distances. Our fabric scraps are customized to create unique pieces. We give new life to old clothes in a unique style.

Future goals

We are ambitious and know that constant action and effort are necessary to move forward in life. “As long as we walk, our arms continue to swing” African proverb. In the African proverb the “swinging arms” symbolize the action and effort we make to move forward in life. They represent our active commitment and our desire to progress. The “swinging arms” evoke the idea of movement and energy. When we walk, our arms naturally swing to help us maintain balance and generate force. So, in the proverb, they represent constant activity and continuous involvement.

In short, the “swinging arms” symbolize action, effort, perseverance and the desire to progress. They remind us of the importance of remaining active and engaged in our personal and professional journey. This proverb also highlights the importance of action and movement in achieving our goals. It reminds us that simple will is not enough, but that we must also act and actively move towards what we want to achieve.

Contact us

Whether by email, by telephone or via social networks, we encourage you to ask us questions, share your ideas, make an appointment, or contact us for any collaboration or partnership request.

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